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Sew-On Tape


Sailrite® has a large selection of top-quality sew-on tape options that you can use in all your sailmaking, flag-making and sail repair jobs. We offer sew-on tape made from Dacron®, foam, nylon, polyester, vinyl and various cotton blends to suit your specific needs and applications. Sew-on tapes are a staple in sailmaking — especially to finish the edges on your sail — and are also commonly used in canvaswork to reinforce areas where you’ve installed fasteners, such as around the edges of a project with grommets. Sailrite can help you find the right style to finish your next big project.

Sew-on tape comes in a variety of unique styles and materials to suit your unique job. For example, you can add foam luff tape to your sail’s luff when preparing it for rollerfurling to flatten the sail as its furled in order to ease steering. One of our most popular types is Dacron sew-on tape, which is most often used to finish the edges of sails and to reinforce the areas where fasteners are placed in canvaswork projects. Dacron tape can also be used to form sleeves into boltrope and some sailors actually use several layers of Dacron tape in place of boltrope. Dacron is an ideal choice for permanent, sewn sail repairs as well and can be used to patch up rips and tears in working mainsails, jibs and genoas.

Sailrite also offers Continuous Support Tape, which is used in roller furling rigs along the leading edge of the sail instead of jib snaps. Our Continuous Support Tape is constructed from durable Dacron, so you can sew it into your furling systems and grooved headstays. You’ll also find a variety of sew-on flag tape in our selection. This cotton and polyester blend sew-on tape is used to add reinforcement around grommets and can be installed along the hoist edge or all edges of your DIY flags for added strength.

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